Rotary Screen Printing

Roll to roll fabric printing, specialising in the fashion and home furnishing decor industry.

Using high tech machinery, rotating nickel cylinder screens are used to roll the design onto the moving fabric.

Designed for precise, high quality fabric printing. This is the preferred printing technique for large runs and is also the most cost effective on orders over 200m.

There is no minimum order for one colour designs and we start at 100 meters for multi colour. Fabrics need to be 'PFP' prepared for printing. Once printed the fabrics are heat cured for wash fastness. Each quality fabric differs in characteristics and will need individual wash care instructions and label. Customers are responsible for their own wash tests and trials during sampling stages prior to bulk manufacture. 

We have our own in house screen lazer engraving, ensuring precise accuracy, consistency and the highest quality printing.

A library of existing rotary design screens are openly available for customers to use at no extra cost.  Additionally, custom designs for new screens is easily done and remains exclusive to the customer.

* See Rotary Screen Printing Price List for more information.