T-Shirt Printing, Panels & Block Printing

T-Shirt or panel printing is done here old school method by hand on flatbed tables. We believe in keeping this process as simple and basic as possible.

We have the capacity to lay out over 500 panels at any one lay.

Our printing dye's are all water base and solvent free which we have specialised in for over 25 years. We have never and do not print plastisol inks.

Our panel printing division can print cut panel blocks or made up garments for fashion, decor, corporate gifting and advertising.

From small pocket size prints to large into seam blocks.

We also provide a variety of special effects such as sequence, puffs, metallics, pearls, glitters, beads, transparent and opaque printing.

* See the Imaterial Panel and T-shirt Printing Pricelist for more information.